Burstcoin Faucet Master List

If you are a new Burst user, you will need a small amount of Burst to activate your wallet.  For more information on that topic, please read this article. For those people wanting to start mining, the best way to set up your wallet is to set your reward recipient for pool mining. Please read this article for the best way to do that. 

Of course, you will still need to get that starting Burst before all of that. BURST used to require 1 coin for these types of transactions, but now it can be as low as 0.00735 BURST. However, for the fastest confirmation time, you don’t want to end up waiting for that lowest transaction fee slot on each block, so I normally recommend using 0.1 BURST.

Current Recommended Way to Get Your First Burst (November 1, 2019 – This is still active!)

Head on over to the getBURST forums to receive your first Burst and support to get started.  Read over this post here to see how to request Burst, and some will be sent to you by either ryanw, the forum admin, or a helpful forum member. Please be patient, and you’ll be taken care of.

Please, remember to revisit the faucet that you claim from after you start mining Burst. They need donations to keep running!