Burstcoin Faucet Master List

If you are a new Burst user, then you will need at least one coin to set up your account, 2 would be even better so that you can set your name, and also start mining. This post will be continuously updated with working Burst faucets. However, working doesn’t mean they have any coins to give out. These days the faucets are being squeezed dry by the number of new users coming into the Burst community. I’ll try to keep these listed from most to least reliable, but your mileage may vary.


Current Best Way to Get Burst coins directly! (10/14/2017)

Get the mobile wallet here!

The other faucet: A very easy way how to get 10 starting Burst;
* install the PoCC mobile wallet
* post in the Discord Channel a screenshot of the QR code of your account
* receive 10 Burst
* only one per nick, first 500 will be served

Burst Discord Chat Link



Burst faucets not working? They are probably all dry at the moment. You can always use Free Coinz 2Day, but it will take a bit longer to get your Burst.

Or, you can check here to try other ways to get Burst.

Please, remember to revisit the faucet that you claim from after you start mining Burst. They need donations to keep running!